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Conroe Garden Review July B Fred Cassebeer Photograph July Two Visits to The Katherine Smith Garden William.
Urmiensis "Osborne, Clay H" Photograph January Siberian Notes "Rhodes, C E" Siberian Iris Hybridizing January Introducing Spurias "Cooper, Joan" Spuria Iris January Flightlines "Reece, Sam" Robins January In Memoriam: Tell Muhlestein "Peterson, Les" Obituary January In Memoriam: William Buchanan MacMillan "Caillet, Marie" Obituary January.
Hill Photograph Photograph January In Memoriam: Rose Michaels Mitchell Roy Oliphant Obituary Mrs.Castetter Head New Group Ruth Pressey Affiliates New Mexico Iris Society and list of officers July Planting in Will Rogers Park Garden Reports July Varietal Comments Larry Gaulter Garden Reports Varietal Comments July B "Lee Lenz, in the Walker Garden" aplin Photograph July Ito Varieties.Mitchell, Eric Nies, Stafford Jory" April B Nies Garden Corliss Photograph "Stafford Jory, Eric Nies, Sydney.LeRoy Davidson Species Iris Judges Training July International News Bee Warburton International July.Arny,." Photograph Louisianas July B Ila Nunn Deneb "Charles.Witt Photograph April In memoriam: Mrs.International TB competition July Franciris 2013 Sylvain Ruaud International July AIS Convention Awards Awards July Errata Kelly.Cover, Marjorie R Swaby and.Davis Louisiana Iris.Opal Fullerton." Photograph "Queens Court, Mio, Michigan 1969" January Judges and Exhibitions William.Bledose" Photograph July B "George Galer, Foster Allen" Photograph July.Gable Garden Reports "use of Essential Mineral Elements, Hyponex solution" April Highlights of a Season Gone by Joseph Gatty Garden Reports April Half Century of Iris.Johnson Garden Reports October Winter Care of Irises various Garden Reports reports from different growing zones October B Mrs.Brown '66) "Brown, Opal " Photograph HM B 4-13B 1 (Winter Olympics x M-58-1) (O.Young Introductions Relocation of his nursery April B Orange Flounce Rainbow Hybridizing Gardens bauer sucht frau 2018 wann im tv Photograph April B Sunnybrook Mrs.Valerie West" Photograph January B "Edith Lowry, in memoriam" Photograph Showing her medals and irises January IBC C "Danielson 66-1, Big Black Bumblebee, Danielson 69-1, Danielson 69-2" Photograph Arils January FC C "Flight of Angels, Golden Memories, Marquesan Skies, Connoisseur, Cambodia, Zanadu" Photograph Section Two.Halloway Test Gardens April Iris Royale Nan Kathryn Fuchs Poem April If I Were Just Starting to Hybridize "Muhlestein, Tell" Hybridizing If I were a new hybridizer-hints April A Schreiner Anecdote Mrs.Arthur Nelson Shows January ow Reports.Peck, Marion Walker, Mrs.
Mellita" July Metamorphosis of the Butterfly "Corliss MD, Philip G" Spuria Iris Culture July B Cherokee Chief Photograph July B Two Opals Photograph July New Vistas for Breeders of Dwarf Iris "Randolph, L F" Hybridizing Dwarfs July Classification of Irises by Color Groups and Patterns.
Wather addressing dignitaries at the 40th anniversary of Presby Memorial Gardens Photograph October Foster Memorial Plaque to Barbara Walther International Awards October The Guardian of the Gardens Gordon Blackwell History Presby Memorial Gardens and Barbara Walter October B "John Wister First President of AIS, Fred.